We kickoff the 2011 season with a great trip to Tillies bank that yielded plenty of cod and haddock, see the pcitures on the reports page. Enjoy a preview of early season fishing with our Haddock Video from March 2010

We love catching ground fish and when the bite is hot the fishing is fast and furious. You can catch them in comfort and style. The SWEET DREAM has a fully enclosed cabin which is heated for your comfort on those early and late season trips. 2017 started out with excellent haddock fishing and there were plenty of cod on the grounds that we had to release due to NMFS catch restrictions. Haddock ran larger and more numerous than I have ever seen throughout the season.  Most trips yielded Haddock limits of up to 120 fish!  In addition, large slammer pollock were present throughout the season and especially in the fall. We expect the groundfishing to continue to be excellent in 2018.  In 2018, we will continue to run Iron Man groundfish trips to Fippennies Ledge which are catch until you drop trips!

When fishing for cod, expect to catch the New England ground-fish slam, Cod, Haddock and Pollock. In addition catching their cousin the Cusk and the toothy but tasty, Wolfish (Ocean Catfish) is common as are delicious Ocean (Red) Perch. The fishing method is either jigging with Norwegian style cod jigs and teasers or bait fishing with sea clams or squid. We commonly fish water depths from 100-300 feet. Captain Bruce will help make you a master with either method by days end. 

Preliminary NMFS rules for 2018 Cod and Haddock and other groundfish:

  • Cod - No possesion
  • Haddock  - must be 17” to keep with a 12 fish per angler bag limit.
  • Pollock - no bag limit or minimum size
  • Redfish - no bag limit or minimum size
  • Note the Captain and Mate are counted as anglers so the charter receives 2 additional bag limits to their fish count.

Regulations are subject to change by NMFS. 

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