Shark Fishing Charters on the F/V SWEET DREAM

The most common pelagic shark in Massachusetts waters is the Blue Shark. Growing upwards of 15 feet in length and over 400 pounds they make a strong competitor on 30 to 50lb stand up tackle. Blue sharks are generally released.

The prize of sharking is the Mako. One of the fastest and most aggressive fish in the ocean it is not uncommon for a Mako to go airborne once hooked. Mako’s are great eating and is the most common shark found in fish markets and restaurants. Mako’s are found less frequently in our waters but are generally larger in size than those caught south of Cape Cod. The long tailed Thresher Shark is also caught and is good eating. A cousin of the Mako, the Porbeagle is also a common visitor our chum slicks and is also good eating.

In the past few years, the return of Great White Sharks to our waters has made national news. We were fortunate enough to catch, tag and release one the summer of 2010. The Great White Shark is protected so we will not actively pursue them but they can and do show up on the scene as our video below documents.

Shark fishing is usually done to the east of the ground fishing banks. Because of this, we often combine shark fishing with catching ground fish for the table. A shark trip is a great way to experience the power and thrill of catching multiple large fish and putting fresh groundfish fillets in the cooler.


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